#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: "Heavy Craving" Film Review

#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: “Heavy Craving” Film Review Written by: Katrina Mugume Hsieh Pei-Ju’s Heavy Craving is a heartwarming comedy-drama that tackles a long-contested topic with hard facts and immense empathy. Ying-Juan is a 30-year-old woman who dreams of being a professional chef. As that is yet to be actualized, she cooks passionately for the childrenContinue reading “#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: "Heavy Craving" Film Review”

#VIWFF2020 Blog 3: "Black Conflux" Film Review

#VIWFF2020 Blog 3: “Black Conflux” Film Review Written by: Katrina Mugume Black Conflux, the exciting debut feature from Canadian filmmaker Nicole Dorsey, is no ordinary coming of age drama set in late 1980’s Newfoundland. Nature and nurture, predator and prey mirror a small town where the lives of two troubled teenagers intersect. Dorsey explores issuesContinue reading “#VIWFF2020 Blog 3: "Black Conflux" Film Review”

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