Program 1

The Hairdresser/La coiffeuse

Lorraine Price
Canadian Short Other / French / Canada / 2021 / 13:50

Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been. Always will be. Even at 83, she is still doing hair, and for the last 31 years she has done the hair of the terminally ill in palliative care. In this short, poetic documentary, Kathleen reflects on her experience while we bear witness to her unusual work.


Heather Perluzzo
Canadian Short Narrative / English / Canada / 2021 / 17:33

After a woman escapes from an abusive, male dominated world she creates an AI replica of herself for companionship.

A Little Too Much

Martina Scarpelli
International Short Narrative / English / Denmark / 2020 / 3:40

In an imaginary space a woman lets go and overcomes her fear of her own greatness. She discovers her body, embraces her emotions, and learns to own all the parts that make her, HER.

Impossible decirte adiós

Yolanda Centeno
International Short Narrative / Spanish / Spain / 2021 / 15:40

When Paula’s painful breakup with Raúl causes her to stop seeing his son Dani, Paula will have no choice but to challenge a hypocritical legal system that ignores the custody rights of a loving, non-biological parent.


Justine Prince
Canadian Short Narrative / French / Canada / 2021 / 21:16

Living alone with her pet vacuum cleaner in a depressing elderly center, Lisette hopes to find love online, but ends up becoming friends with Jules, a young janitor.

Housemaid #2

Roxanne Stam
International Short Narrative / Dutch / The Netherlands / 2021 / 12:06

When 52-year-old Nora plays her supporting role for the umpteenth performance and once again faces the toxic behaviour of the theatre company and bullying of the lead male actor, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Show some teeth!

Program 2


Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
Canadian Short Narrative / French / Canada / 2021 / 11:55

A snapshot of a night out with friends, in which Laurie embraces her identity. Parvis is a special place where things shift to something very grand.

The Isobel Imprint

Ali Grant
Canadian Short Documentary / English / Canada / 2021 / 6:59

A dozen years after the devastating suicide of her oldest sister Isobel, filmmaker Ali Grant is transported back to Toronto in the summer of 1978, to a pivotal moment of their intertwined destinies. With humour, insight, and love, she explores her own coming of age through family letters, photos, and home movies, and examines the lasting imprint of a sister’s invitation into a world of possibility.

I Am Leo

Tanja*Tajo Hurrle
International Short Narrative / German / Germany / 2021 / 17:48

12-year-old Leo spends the autumn holidays romping in the woods and wide meadows and building cabins with big sister Noémie and cousin Emil on Grandma Marlies’ farm. When Leo is surprised by what Grandma Marlies calls big news, Leo faces an identity crisis. I Am Leo immerses itself into the emotional world of a child who is on the way to discover their gender identity and inner courage.

Mazel Brouk

Hanael Allam
International Short Narrative / French / France / 20211 / 24:21

Five young women, born in France with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds ranging from Islam to Judaism, gather in the South of France for a weekend bachelorette party. Tensions initially run high, but the women overcome their differences when they realize they share troubling similarities in the way men seek to restrain their emotional and sexual freedom.


Mélanie Saint-Germain
Canadian Short Animated / Canada /2021 / 8:30

Power emanates from Elles. They have no modesty. They permit themselves to fall, brutally or delicately. Elles is a truth. It is to love who we are. To be worthy of being heard, to trace a road where our descent can be proud. It is the woman in all her splendor. Elles is mental charges, concerns, judgments, illnesses but also some guilty pleasures, love and craziness. Elles, it’s the beauty, it is all women. All, without exception.

Gift To Give

Erica Daniels
Canadian Short Documentary / English / Canada / 2021 / 11:24

A Two-Spirited daughter discovers she is a perfect kidney donor for her ailing father. By gifting a piece of herself, she hopes to save his life and gain his acceptance for who she truly is.

On The Fence

Paula Ner Dormiendo
Canadian Short Documentary / English / Canada / 2020 / 6:21

On The Fence follows several intertwined conversations with a group of multicultural individuals and their struggle with identity.

Program 3


Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto
Canadian Short Narrative / Indonesian / Canada / 2021 / 8:32

This fantasy drama is a modern retelling of an Indonesian myth of the same name. Teenager Anjani’s late father had been teaching her the ways of a shadow puppeteer in private, as women are not allowed to practice it. Through the puppets, Anjani is able to reconvene with her father’s spirit, learning one final lesson through the art-form before she sets out to realize her own future – becoming a modern Srikandi.

Red String of Fate

Lovina Yavari, Lance Fernandes
Canadian Short Other / English / Canada / 2021 / 10:00

In the year 2090, a robotics engineer tries to bring her fallen lover back to life.

A Birthday Party

Victoria Thomas
International Short Narrative / English / The United Kingdom / 2021 / 12:02

The close relationship between two sisters irrevocably breaks down when one insists on keeping up with the tradition of the circumcision of her young daughter.


Charlotte George
International Short Narrative / English / Australia / 2021 / 7:00

When a burnt-out mum takes the plunge to return to work, she must prove to a mysterious interview panel she’s up to the job.

When She Was Good

Margarita Milne
International Short Narrative / English / The United Kingdom / 2021 / 20:00

When a young girl discovers that Santa is not real, she questions the lies told by adults and the terrible secret that she has been forced to keep.

Perfect Daughter

Jasleen Kaur
Canadian Short Narrative / English / Canada / 2021 / 13:42

When a highly respectable family moves into the neighbourhood, a young woman grows suspicious of her new neighbours’ seemingly flawless daughter.

Like the Ones I Used to Know

Annie St-Pierre
Canadian Short Narrative / French / Canada / 2021 / 18:00

December 24, 1983, 10:50 pm; Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, Santa Claus is late, and Denis, alone in his car, is anxious at the idea of setting foot in his ex-in-law’s house to pick up his children. This film is an early coming-of-age that is as squeaky as it is poetic.

Program 4

Living All of Life

Marlén Ríos-Farjat
International Short Narrative / Spanish / México / 2021 / 27:00

Susana’s longtime husband has abandoned her, but she holds on to the past. One day, she needs the help of her neighbor, Gloria, a free-spirited woman who Susana can’t stand. But the friendship that emerges between them gives Susana the desire to live in the present.

Militant Mother

Carmen Pollard
Canadian Short Documentary / English / Canada / 2021 / 7:34

To get to class on time, children from Vancouver’s largest social housing project were forced to jump shunting train cars that stood in their path. After months of advocating for a safe crossing, twenty-five mothers made their voices heard by blockading CN rail.

Wild Seed

Sunyin Zhang
International Short Narrative / United States and China / 2020 / 14:13

During the period of One-Child Policy, Peng, an illegally pregnant mother, escapes from her home to avoid getting arrested by the family planning committee and being forced to have an abortion. After escaping, Peng begins her solitary journey to hide from the government’s ruthless members and survives in the vast wilderness of Guizhou Province.


Cintia Taylor
International Short Narrative / English / The Netherlands / 2020 / 25:00

A professional violin player takes up fighting to overcome sexual violence but learns that she is perhaps focusing on the wrong battle.

The Ancestral Tree

P.A. Duquette
Canadian Short Animated / Michif / Canada / 2020 / 3:07

The tragic loss of familial history, culture, and traditional community ties. Through symbolism, this is a story of harrowing fractures through time, all the while honouring the legacy of an Métis Elder.

Esther & Sai

Roșie Choo Pidcock, Anaïsa Visser
Canadian Short Narrative / English / Canada / 2021 / 12:30

The night before their first day of nursing school in 1976, Esther and Sai, two female immigrants to Vancouver, endure racism and homesickness. Based on a true story, Esther & Sai captures the struggle of immigrating to a new country through the beginning of a lifelong friendship. 

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