#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: “Heavy Craving” Film Review

#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: “Heavy Craving” Film Review Written by: Katrina Mugume Hsieh Pei-Ju’s Heavy Craving is a heartwarming comedy-drama that tackles a long-contested topic with hard facts and immense empathy. Ying-Juan is a 30-year-old woman who dreams of being a professional chef. As that is yet to be actualized, she cooks passionately for the childrenContinue reading “#VIWFF2020 Blog 4: “Heavy Craving” Film Review”

#VIWFF2020 Blog 2: “Take Me Somewhere Nice” Film Review

#VIWFF2020 Blog 2: “Take Me Somewhere Nice” Film Review Written by: Katrina Mugume The highly emotional and senseless period between teenager and young adult is aptly captured in this quirky coming of age road film. A feature debut from director Ena Sendijarević, “Take Me Somewhere Nice” is also the deserved winner of the Rotterdam SpecialContinue reading “#VIWFF2020 Blog 2: “Take Me Somewhere Nice” Film Review”

#VIWFF2020 Blog 1: “A First Farewell” Film Review

#VIWFF2020 Blog 1: “A First Farewell” Film Review Written by: Hanna B. A First Farewell is the debut feature of Chinese filmmaker Lina Wang that garnered a lot of attention and won prizes at the Berlinale last year. The 87 minute doc-drama-like project is set in a remote area of China’s Uighur region where WangContinue reading “#VIWFF2020 Blog 1: “A First Farewell” Film Review”